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Does It Make Sense to Go Romancing at Work?

It’s not a secret that attraction might blossom between people, who work together in close contact with each other for several hours every day. And although there are so many dating apps today, and the majority of us know the common rule “don’t date people at work”, the number of office romances is constantly increasing.

According to the latest numbers, more than 70% of workers have a love affair with a colleague. And up to half of this percentage turns into marriage. With stats like these, does it make sense to go romancing at work? What benefits and risks may office workers face?

Bosses Often Try to Flirt with Pretty Secretaries

Potential consequences

According to studies, we spend most of our waking hours in the working environment. So, it’s no surprise that some individuals may begin to get along with each other more than usual. People have common goals, shared interests that bind them closer. So, about 25% of people find their life partners at work. That’s why sometimes going romancing at work makes real sense, though there are many pitfalls.

At first sight, it may seem that colleague-colleague relationships have less negative consequences. But it’s not pleasant and hard to hear other co-workers having a moan about your beloved. At the same time, office affairs may happen in hierarchical pairings. Romantic relationships develop between:

  • a mentor and a mentee;

  • a boss and an administrator;

  • a manager and an assistant.

In this case, it’s practically impossible to avoid rumors and disapproval. Such relationships based on power dynamics usually introduce a wide range of complications. Firstly, they are littered with legal issues and awkward questions. Sometimes extramarital affairs become subject to scrutiny.

Office Romances are Very Spicy When Noone in the Office Knows About Your Relations

It’s not easy to find yourself accused of alliances or playing favorites. Gossips about your recent working advances, whether they were earned or gifted, might make your life unbearable or even ruin a career. And this is a serious warning against a romance at work.

Secondly, having an affair might influence decision-making considering business issues. No matter whether you’re a hierarchical pairing or a colleague-colleague couple. And, of course, such situations affect the workplace climate for both of you and impact relations with co-workers. Others may feel uncomfortable and excluded.

Besides, with all the gossip and stress, that might follow your office affairs, working productivity lowers. Relationships take plenty of time from work. You are busy with flirting, romantic dinners, learning about each other, and so on. As a result, you have a minor interest in professional questions, especially while having some complicated times with your partner. No one is happy to take your responsibilities, while you’re having fun.

Flirty Mood is Guaranteed Both on Coffee Breaks and During Serious Meetings

Finally, work affairs can be devastating if they end up. Being stuck, sitting opposite in a small office-room with your former lover, is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. Remember that only less than a half of all work romances end up with a happy-ever-after marriage. In other cases, you will have to face your ex every day, work together, and find enough courage to control yourself.

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Positive sides of workplace affairs

If work affairs are so complicated and sometimes even devastating, why do individuals still build strong love relationships at work? The answer is quite simple. We spend the major part of our life at work, where we are bound to other people with similar responsibilities, interests, and goals.

Individuals have so many topics to discuss and are motivated to reach new heights. They are attentive and supportive. There might also be some work nights out and extra hours, which let colleagues get to know each other a little closer. And at some point, it may seem that this individual understands you so deeply like anyone before.

Your Office-Based Soulmate Can Become the Closest Person for You

The next argument for going romancing at work is enough information about a potential partner. You know for sure about his marital status, habits, favorite food, philosophy (vegan, raw-eater, sportsman), the way of spending free time, and so on. And there is no risk of getting into trouble and confusing situations. Besides, many people feel uncomfortable on the first date and try to show themselves in the best light. But having an affair with a colleague means that there is no need to show off anymore. This awkward part of developing a new romance has already passed.

Moreover, some studies show that romantic feelings may improve the results of the work. If people get only positive emotions and go into a relationship for love, they perform improves in their projects, motivations, and creativity.

Having a love romance at the workplace might work out, but getting into it can be complicated. If both partners are on the same side and aware of potential negative consequences, it makes sense and is worth taking a risk.

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