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How to Get Useful Microelements and Fatty Acids Free from Ocean Pollution?

Environmental pollution is a very actual problem nowadays. People often think that this issue does not weigh them. But it is a wrong point of view. We can make the difference ourselves and save our oceans from overfishing, extra polluting agents, and other dangerous factors that affect our environment. This article narrates about the plant-based products free from animal origin that can be used instead of customary fish oil. If you would like to know more about interesting facts - welcome to my blog!

Oceans and Seas Are Extremely Polluted

0% Ocean Pollution

Today’s marine ecosystem suffers from various forms of pollution. Most of the effects are caused by human activities. Oil spills in the water; there is much garbage that makes oceans and seas toxic. Overfishing is one more negative impact on the marine ecosystem because more and more dead zones take place in the oceans and seas. No fish, mussels, microorganisms, and other creatures live in the world’s oceans because of so-called hypoxic zones (areas where the low oxygen concentration appears).

All these and other factors lead to polluted fish and aquatic toxicity. It means that most fish-origin food is dangerous to intake by humans because it contains various heavy metals, toxins, and other harmful elements. Only imagine how many contaminants accumulate in any seafood and can affect human health. The manufacturers of green products aim to stop overfishing and animal-eating together with the intake of low-quality polluted products with the high content of fish oil.

Sustainable Production Is About Eco-Friendliness

A Green & Sustainable Product Free from Ocean Pollution

There is a wide range of fish-free supplements, so no ocean pollutants are presented in these green and sustainable products. The key ingredient is algae oil that is in comparison to fish oil is ocean pollution-free. The algae are grown in special-purpose laboratories to make these microorganisms high-grade and absolutely clean. Algae are rich in fatty acids that are useful for people who keep vegan diets or are fond of plant-based food regimen.

Select the fish-free additive to get useful nutritional components and do not risk your health, having been choosing fish oil-polluted by the ocean heavy metals, toxins, and other contaminants accumulated in seafood. These supplements are 100% organic and bring only a positive effect on the human organism through plant-origin fatty acids rich in Omega 3.

0% Ocean Toxins

It goes without saying that trash, microplastic, oil, and other debris that floats in the ocean and sea waters or sinks to the bottom and pollutes our marine ecosystem. The ocean and sea toxicity are very dangerous for marine inhabitants and for people who prefer eating seafood. Together with the garbage that is thrown into the water, the fact of overfishing takes place that causes an imbalance of the ecosystem and brings more poisonous toxins into the marine environment. The most dangerous toxic elements that pollute the ocean and sea waters are:

  • Ciguatoxins;

  • Saxitoxin;

  • Brevetoxin;

  • Tetrodotoxin (TTX);

  • Histamine.

Together with other toxins that are accumulated on the aquatic bottom and in the ocean waters, these organic toxic elements are dangerous for human health. The polluted seafood can bring various infections and illnesses. This risk can be avoided by plant-based dietary and vegan food. This is a real misconception that it is impossible to get fatty acids from fish-free products.

Toxins and Heavy Metals in Ocean Waters

100% Organic and Toxin-Free Supplement

Algae that produce fatty acids are not grown in open waters, so marine pollutants are not presented in the components of these organic additives. There is no risk to intake toxic seafood in order to get fish oil and fatty acids for nutrition purposes. You have an opportunity to use a green sustainable product that is the best alternative to average animal-origin supplements. Each of the available algae-based supplements on the modern market supplement is a safe, gluten- and fish-free source of Omega 3 with 0% ocean toxins!

100% Organic Products Are in Trend Today

0% Ocean Metals

The ocean and sea waters are significantly polluted by heavy metals. They bring toxic effects, so are very harmful to human health. Such heavy metals as nickel, lead, zinc, and other contaminants are accumulated in seafood, on the aquatic bottom, and marine plants. This is a potential risk for wildlife, but at the same time, it is precarious for people who eat fish or intake ocean-origin fish oil. Among other dangerous heavy metals that can bring negative impact on human health through seafood are:

  • Cobalt;

  • Aluminum;

  • Chrome.

It is worth noting that most of these metals are accumulated in the bottom sediments. It means that in any way ocean fauna and flora are polluted by these toxic particles. Especially, if we speak about the industrious coastal regions with numerous plants and factories. The marine ecosystem can be improved with the help of wildlife balancing and stoppage of overfishing. The fewer ocean-based dead zones will be, the better the aquatic ecology situation will take place.

Vegan and Raw Eating Is for Eco-Friendliness

A Negative Impact of Ocean Metals

Nevertheless, metal pollution is very harmful and dangerous for people. It is better to intake toxin- and metal-free organic supplements to solve the problem with fish oil intake. You can count on the eco-friendly and useful additives without animal origin. Only pollution-free algae are used to get plant-based oil and fatty acids for our sustainable production.

This way you avoid the risk to intake polluted additives and make your own contribution to our planet’s rescuing. Refuse animal-eating and using fish oil to improve your health and our environment at once.

We need together to make a sense of pollution-free and 100% vegan products that are rich in Omega 3 to provide sufficient nutriment to your organism. Plant-based fatty acids are the ideal alternative to the animal-origin ones that are extracted from polluted fish. Live greener, be eco-friendly, and leave behind ocean polluted and toxic elements! All the changes start with your own life!

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